Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Kuih Talam Pisang

I made Kuih Talam yesterday. Again, it was my first time making this kuih, although previously I had a little success making Kuih Seri Muka which is similar in nature.

According to wikipedia, Kuih Talam (tray cake) is a kuih/kueh consisting of two layers. The top white layer is made from rice flour and coconut milk, while the bottom green layer is made from green pea flour and extract of pandan leaf.

Now, what I made yesterday was actually a variation of Kuih Talam. I wanted to try something different than the usual Kuih Talam, and since I had some bananas which were so ripe that I was on the verge of throwing them away, I decided to make Kuih Talam Pisang, a variation of the traditional Kuih Talam, with a top white layer and a bottom banana layer. I found this recipe via a Malay blog, so I got it translated via Google Translation.

Alas, the finished product especially the top white layer did not come out as nicely as my Kuih Seri Muka, so I was a little bit disappointed. Tastewise, I actually prefer Kuih Seri Muka which has a sweet upper layer of pandan custard and a savoury lower layer of glutinous rice. I don't really quite like the bottom white layer of the Kuih Talam which is a bit salty, I would prefer it to be sweet like the top layer, but that it is just my personal preference. I must have forgotten how the traditional Kuih Talam tastes like. :)

Maybe next time I would try to make Kuih Seri Muka Pisang instead, if I have the time :)

Recipe is adapted from here.

Ingredients for Bottom Layer (Yellow)
3 bananas, mashed, about 250g
1/2 cup sugar, 100g
1 cup rice flour, 120g
2 tbsp custard powder
2 cups thin coconut milk, 200ml
pinch of salt

Method (Bottom Layer)
1. Heat the steamer and prepare a 8-inch round baking tin, line the bottom with banana leaf or baking paper, or grease it with oil.

2. Combine all the ingredients for the bottom layer, and mix well til smooth, then pour it into the tin.

3. Steam at med-high heat for 30 min.

4. Scratch the surface of the bottom layer with a fork before pouring in the top layer.

Ingredients for Top Layer (White)
1 cup rice flour, 120g
3 cups thick coconut milk, 300g
1 tsp salt

Method (Top Layer) 
1. Combine all the ingredients for the top layer, and mix well til smooth.

2. Strain it into a non-stick pot using a sieve and keep stirring until the mixture starts to thicken. Remove quickly from heat and pour it on top of the bottom layer.

3. Steam for another 20 min at medium heat. Poke a few holes in a piece of aluminium foil and place it loosely over the tin to prevent steam from dripping.

4. Cool it completely before cutting with a sharp knife.

I am submitting this to Aspiring Bakers #12: Traditional Kueh (October 2011), hosted by SSB of Small Small Baker.

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