Thursday, October 13, 2011

Dag van de Landbouw - 25 Sep 2011

This is a very belated post about Dag van de Landbouw (Day of the Farmer) which took place in our village during the weekend of 24-25 Sep 2011, that was nearly 3 weeks ago. This event was held by the association of farmers in our village, and not just our village but many other villages in Belgium also held their own farmers' day during the 3rd week of September to showcase and exhibit the typical life of a farmer, which I would say is a pretty good life in Belgium (as compared to farmers in Asia).

Farmers' Day proved to be a very exciting and enjoyable day for my boy, he was fascinated by the free rides on a real tractor (of cos under the guidance of a farmer or his son), as well as the small toy tractors which he got to ride by himself on the kids' racing track. There were also food tents selling belgian beers, belgian fries, belgian pancakes, curryworst sausages, freshly made ice-cream and tents selling all kinds of domesticated animals. We were really lucky with the weather, it was a very sunny day with temperatures soaring to 25 degrees celsius and above, the sunniest we ever had in the whole of August and September this year. A friend of ours from Holland came to visit us with her hubby and son, and her son was also very fascinated with the free tractor rides, and he kept asking for more. :)

Here are some pictures which we took on that day :)

Farmer showing off his skills with his tractor - positioning a tennis ball on a pole

Another farmer showing off that he could milk a (fake) cow with the help of his tractor.

These were all miniature tractors, modelled by students.

Live ducks, anyone?

What about small rabbits?
Climbing a straw-stacked mountain was fun...
Kids having lots of fun on a tractor racing track.
The 2 boys learning attentively how to drive a tractor from the expert.

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