Saturday, September 17, 2011

It's Autumn and I am flooded with pumpkins!

It's Autumn. 1st thing you notice is that the weather is turning colder, days are getting shorter, and leaves are either turning yellow or dropping like crazy.

Last year, we enjoyed a modest harvest from our backyard, a total of 3 big pumpkins and 2 courgettes, not a bad start for a beginner. We didn't plant anything this year, except for beans, so nothing to show off. Thank god we didn't spend much effort this year cos the weather in Belgium was really freaky this summer. But we got a big pumpkin from somebody. The usual problem with pumpkins is - you dunno what you gonna do with it. It's really a love-hate relationship. When you have a recipe that requires a pumpkin and they are not in season, you have to set aside the recipe or make do with canned pumpkin. But when autumn comes and pumpkins are aplenty, then you wish you have never received a pumpkin as a cadeautje (present).

I spent one hour yesterday afternoon cutting the 7+ kg orange monster with a not-so-sharp knife, dividing them into portions, sealing them in ziploc bags and shoving them into the fridge and freezer. Mission accomplished. Next target is to find enough pumpkin-related recipes to finish off those bags of pumpkins. Pumpkin rice, pumpkin kaya jam, chiffon cake, soup, you name it, I have it.

So last evening, I managed to finish off 1 kg of pumpkin (500g for my chinese pumpkin rice and another 500g for my pumpkin kaya jam). What a feat! I am so proud of myself. But that still leaves me with at least 5kg in the freezer. Brrrr...I think I am gonna turn orange or yellow for the next few weeks. 

真的要变成黄脸婆了! Oh, my face is already yellow enough!

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