Friday, September 30, 2011

再战蜜汁叉烧 Homemade Honey Char Siew (once again)

Char Siew, Char Siu, Cha Shao, 叉烧, chinese barbeque meat or chinese roast pork - whatever you call it, it's still the same thing. The last time I attempted this was nearly a year ago in Sep 2010. I made the laughable mistake of buying the wrong cut of meat and my char siew turned out to look like THIS. Dun laugh, the taste was very good to say the least, if you disregard how it looked like. I knew I have to use the right cut of meat this time, pork shoulder to be precise, so I grabbed the chance to buy 800g of pork shoulder from a slagerij in Antwerp Chinatown while I was there to top up my chinese cooking supplies earlier this week. Varkenschouder abstublieft!

800g of pork shoulder from the butcher costs 6.20 euro while a 600g packet of frozen ready-made char siew from the chinese supermart costs 8.80 euro. That works out to be very little savings after all, isn't it, especially when you still have to take into account transport costs. (I am not money-pinching though as a housewife you need to keep an eye on what are the best deals during grocery-shopping.) But the beautiful thing about marinating and roasting your own char siew pork is that.....there are no preservatives!!! You get to select your own cut of meat, and you determine whether you want it to be sweet or salty, tender or charred. Though I may never be able to achieve the standards of professionals, but I take pride in declaring that at least, I know what goes behind the making of char siew pork. You can't pull wool over my eyes :)

If you wish to try out the 2 different recipes which I used in making my own char siew, you can visit my previous post :)

再战蜜汁叉烧, 任务达成!


  1. you produce rubbish and you still post it

    1. Sorry, I don't do brain transplants. If you don't understand English or never read a cookbook in your entire life, just shut your trap up and go troll somewhere else.

      This 2 tried-and-tested recipes are adapted from 2 established bloggers who are highly revered, obviously it's too complicated for you to grasp, you insolent dimwit !

  2. Good for you, Miss B thats what this dimwit deserves, 'Padan Muka' as the Malay saying goes (slap on the face)!
    Anyway wanted to tell you that I am going to try your Hokaido Loaf Bread tonight, just waiting to get my fresh cream, should be great with all your valuable tips and info. Will keep in touch, have a great day!!

    Mrs Singh, Ipoh, Malaysia

    1. Hi Mrs Singh,

      Thanks for your support, look forward to hearing your feedback about the Hokkaido bread.

      This is the first time I received such an idiotic comment, no head no tail, dunno what that idiot above was trying to prove. I may not be as good in cooking as in baking, but I don't publish recipes that are not tried-and-tested. The photos uploaded may not do enough justice to the end results, but these 2 recipes are certainly not "rubbish", that's why I took great offence at his uncalled for comment. If that idiot was looking for restaurant-quality char siew, of course he wouldn't find it here or elsewhere in any other blogs, otherwise I would have opened a char view restaurant myself with such a secret recipe, but these 2 recipes are good and simple enough for home cooks.

  3. You the bomb mah, Don't entertain these sorts of Idiots. They are only couch critics but amount to nothing in their lives.


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