Monday, March 21, 2011

Visit to Cafe Wayan in Ubud Bali

It's been a long hiatus and I haven't been posting anything for 3 months. I brought my laptop along on holiday but I never got around to using it, not for long at least. First it was my laptop keyboard which started popping out some keys so I was left with a few gaping holes in my keyboard, and then it was my adapter which refused to deliver electrical power and I had to wait 2 weeks for a replacement.

Anyway I was back in Singapore for a couple of weeks and managed to squeeze in a short trip to Bali during the CNY period.

If there is anybody planning to go to Bali in the near future, I would strongly recommend Ubud, and if you are in Ubud, there is one restaurant that is not to be missed. Sorry its not Ibu Oka of the Babi Guling or Balinese Roast Pig fame (I kinda freaked out when I saw how the Babi Guling is prepared in appalling unhygienic conditions, just search Babi Guling in youtube and you can see for yourself) but Cafe Wayan of the Alam hotel chain in Ubud.

Cafe Wayan doesn't look big from the exterior, but like most famous restaurants along the Monkey Forest Road in Ubud, it has a deep interior. You will be surprised how many tables it can accomodate, I counted there were at least 35 tables. You will pass a number of pavillions before you reach the end of the restaurant, some of the tables allow you to sit cross-legged while others come with balinese style lounge-chairs which allow you to relax and enjoy your meal in a lush balinese landscaped garden. And most tables have their own Bale (a balinese pavillion) with a hanging fan which allows you to enjoy your dining experience in privacy and comfort. It is really a very beautiful restaurant not to be missed if you are holidaying  in Ubud, Bali.
This was our second time visiting Cafe Wayan, having visited it in 2008 after reading about it on Lonely Planet. My hubby especially liked their gazpacho. He ordered it the last time and remembered that it tasted as good as the gazpacho served in spanish restaurants in Spain. So we ordered a gazpacho for him, a tomato soup for myself, 2 papaya salads, a fishfinger meal with fries for the baby. It was 2pm when we arrived in Cafe Wayan, having just endured a terribly long 1 hour taxi trip from our villa which was supposed to last only 7 min but took 1 hour because of a massive traffic jam built up along Monkey Forest Road. It turned out there were bus loads of taiwanese tourists being dropped off at the Bebek Bengil Dirty Duck restaurant when the road itself was so narrow that they should not allow tour buses in the first place. Anyway, it was tea time and there were not so many diners and we felt as if we had the whole restaurant to ourselves.

Here are some pictures of the dishes we ordered. I like my papaya salad, the ingredients were simple but the taste was simply gorgeous. The tomato soup was good too, it reminded me of the heavenly tomato soup I had recently in a french restaurant in Wallonia, Belgium. You would be surprised but Cafe Wayan makes very authentic western food, and it was a welcome relief for both hubby and me since we had eaten countless times of Balinese food such as Nasi Campur, Nasi Goreng and all other nasi stuff during the previous 2 days in Ubud.

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