Thursday, March 24, 2011

Balinese Food - Eat til You Drop

Was on a binging trip to Bali (yes, I meant binge, eat until you drop), I love Indonesian food, kinda regretted not signing up for a balinese culinary course in Ubud.

I can't stop raving about Bali and its food, so here I am again posting pictures of Balinese food which we have sampled, to whet everybody's appetite. Hopefully that will inspire me to create the same back home in Belgium :)

Banana Pancake : This is an all-time favourite. It is on the breakfast menu of almost every balinese hotel or guesthouse. But it is not at all filling for those used to a rich western-style buffet spread. Trust me, you will hear your stomach growling with hunger after an hour if that is all you have for breakfast. :P

Egg Jaffle : See the pressed sandwich at the extreme left and extreme right of the picture below? That is egg jaffle, balinese style. This is something new for me. Call me "suaku" but I have never ever eaten one on my vacation abroad, neither at home. The housekeeper of my holiday villa, Kedut, whipped this up for us every morning.

Kedut's Wrapped Omelette was just an omelette with chopped carrots, onions, spring onions, salt and pepper, but it tasted really heavenly. She kinda put me to shame because I can never fry and flip an omelette without breaking it. :S I really took my hat off to her for presenting us such a nice omelette.

Nasi Goreng : The ubiquitous national dish of Indonesia, and also an "acclaimed" dish in every chinese restaurant in Belgium and Nederlands. To the chinese restaurants in the Benelux region, please for goodness sake, if you are serving fried rice, just call it fried rice and not nasi goreng. If you can't cook the fried rice the way the Indonesians do, then forget about labelling it as nasi goreng. Just adding a few pieces of prawn crackers and a fried egg to the nasi goreng won't do the trick and doesn't make it any more authentic than the real stuff. The real authentic nasi goreng should look like the one below. :P

Nasi Campur : This dish appears in every balinese restaurant big or small. Like Nasi Goreng (fried rice), Nasi Campur (mixed rice) is also the national dish in Indonesia (or that's what I thought). It basically contains tempe (beancurd), ayam goreng (fried chicken), kacang (peanuts) and vegetables such as kangkung and cucumber, sometimes with beans, plus a stick or two of satay and a few pieces of keropok (prawn crackers). Not to forget boiled egg with belacan.

Another well-decorated Nasi Campur. I had this at Chili restaurant in Monkey Forest.

Yet another Nasi Campur. I lost count of how times we have eaten this dish. This one was taken at Tutmak, quite a famous establishment in Ubud. 


Smoked Duck : This is the famous smoked duck which we had at Bebek Bengil in Ubud. The Bebek Bengil or Dirty Duck restaurant has a nicely landscaped pond and some fantastic views of rice paddy fields.

Choose a seat facing the rice paddy fields if possible. You won't regret the view. :P

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