Friday, December 31, 2010

Witloof Quiche with Meat and Feta Cheese

Happy New Year to everybody!

Apologies for having not updated my blog for ages. Was busy with studies and falling sick and going on vacation and what nots...Here is a little dish to round up the year of 2010. Hope the year of 2011 will be a more fruitful year for myself and my family and for everybody out there :)

And if you like the dishes I have so far posted on my blog, do leave me a comment. :)

This dish is Witloof Quiche with Meat and Feta Cheese. I made this a few weeks ago and the recipe is lying somewhere in the house but I will post the recipe up soon. :)


  1. It's nice to see you posting again. I was wondering if you recovered yet, it seems like you did. :) The food looks really nice. I like how the colors also go nicely together. Happy New Year's to you too!

  2. Goodness! Those are cheese! For a second, i thought those were beancurd... So silly of me!

  3. Hehe, those were feta cheese, not beancurd definitely!

  4. I love cheese on my dishes! Please don't forget to post the recipe. I would like to try making this dish. Looks so yummy! Happy New Year to You!Keep on posting!
    Brad Fallon


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