Thursday, November 18, 2010

Sick of being sick!

I have been sick for the longest time ever in my life. That explains my absence from my blog since I am too sick to even lift a finger to cook an omelette, let alone roll up my sleeves to hand-knead my bread.

Since 28 October, I have been unofficially sick for 2 weeks, and officially sick for another 1 week. The 1st 2 weeks was just a slight cold or flu, then it was upgraded to a persistent cough, followed by a whopping cough with blood and after 2 weeks, bronchitis. During the visit to my housedoctor on 15 Nov (Mon), I thought the doctor would dismiss my sick claims as something frivolous, as what my hubby always did, so I was pleasantly surprised when he declared that I had acute bronchitis and finally prescribed me antibiotics. Yeah, at least now I have hard evidence to confront my hubby who assumed that I was feigning sickness and cooking up some excuses for not attending class for 3 days in a row. Well, bronchitis is contagious, isn't it? Even if I am well enough to attend class, I may spread it to my fellow classmates and they may be bed-ridden like me for at least a few days. The idea of having to stay in class without coughing for 3 hours, and later in a bus for another 1 hour, is really beyond me. I thought of putting on a face-mask, but then that will make people even more wary and speculate on what kind of contagious diseases I can possibly carry. This is not Japan, you know, where civic-minded citizens put on face-masks when they are nursing a cold or flu and nobody ever bats an eyelid.

Anyway, my bronchitis is still not getting any better after taking antibiotics for 3 days, I have a dose of antibiotics that will last for 10 days or so. In fact I feel more breathless, and I have to exert more effort than ever for every single cough and most of the time I just feel like a deflated balloon, losing air and not breathing in enough oxygen. My ribcage is hurting due to exertion, and every time I cough I feel as if somebody is punching my chest. And I can't manage sleep for more than 2 hours in a row, waking up frequently to clear my irritated throat. I imagine this must be what it feels like to have lung cancer and I told my hubby I feel as if I am in the last stage of lung cancer :p

Surprisingly, the men in my family are holding up well despite the onslaught of diseases in this house. His Majesty does have a little crackling cough like the mother, but he is running and playing like the healthiest baby in the world. His Majesty's servant, my hubby, is also doing well despite all the germs flying around in the house, he is not at all infected by me though I have been coughing for the past 3 weeks. So what's wrong with me then, I wonder? And to think that I had just taken a winter flu shot 1 week ago, maybe it is the doctor's clinic where I caught the bronchitis bacteria from? Or the crèche? I really wonder...


  1. Sorry to hear that you have been so unwell! Am shocked thsat your hubbs thought you were playing out your illness!
    Hope you are recovering! Chinese people often say ginger is good for coughs - maybe that will help?
    Here's to a speedt recovery! Xxxx

  2. PL, thanks,I am getting better by the day. Hubby probably thought that it was common cold and nothing serious, not his fault really. :)


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