Sunday, October 3, 2010

R.I.P. My Cake Mixer

My Philips cake-mixer broke down this morning in the middle of kneading dough. Luckily it had already kneaded to such a consistency that I could carry on with hand-kneading without the dough sticking all over my fingers. My poor cake-mixer must have worked itself too hard spinning breads since I caught the bread fever recently. I thought so too. It had served me well for the past 2 years since I moved to Belgium. In the beginning, its primary duty was to churn out cakes which unfortunately failed the QA test and went straight to my chickens' tea-party. Then after a while, after it had proved its mantle, it was given heavier responsibility such as baking simple fail-proof cakes as I slowly honed my baking skills. Just as I thought I could give it more challenges such as baking bread every sunday, it died without giving me any forewarning. Cardio Respiratory Resuscitation (CPR) didn't help, it just refused to budge and move its blades. 

Well, maybe it is time for some Christmas presents although it is not Christmas yet. Ok, Halloween presents then. First on the list, I would like to get a stand-alone heavy-duty cake-mixer. I am not even dreaming of a Kitchen-Aid, just a sturdy stand-alone cake-mixer will do, such as Kenwood. This will release me from the mundane and tedious task of standing and holding the cake-mixer while His Majesty happily runs around ransacking the kitchen and putting all kinds of weird things into the microwave. Next on the list is a bread machine. Oh yes, please take all the joy and also all the sore muscles from kneading bread from me. Hours of standing and kneading with the cake-mixer as well as with my bare hands had given me sore shoulders. The bread machine should help me do the job, I still have cooking and cleaning tasks to do, and also the unadmirable duty of disciplining and watching over the naughty one.

Now, which brand of cake-mixer and bread machine should I buy? Anybody kind enough to give me some suggestions?


  1. Oh My! Sincere condolences on your recent loss. My thoughts are with you and your family at this sad time. I hope they will learn to cope without the weekly bread bake and over time the pain of wanting mama's home-baked bread will ease....

    Feeling guilty as I have been posting bread recipes recently..... My bad influences has led to your poor hand-held mixer giving up the ghost! Did worry as I did read you mentioning you used the mixer for 30 minutes kneading before finishing by hand. I thought that poor machine might burn out.

    Anyway hun, on your dilemas over Stand-alone Mixer & Bread Machine, I have a Kenwood Chef Premier and it came with a whisk (great for chiffon cake making!!!); dough hook; two beaters and a glass jug for liqudising. I've only had it a couple of months and it's the bread-kneader in my household now. The Chef Titanium model has an optional extra of a food processor attachment. There are extra accessories available for the Premier like grater, food grinder and sausage maker, but the food processor unit is not compatible. The Titanium model is twice the cost of the Premier (I'm sure a food processor does not cost that much but it means having another kitchen gadget).

    If you got a separate bread machine, the machine not only mixes & kneads your dough for you, it can bake it. Only thing is, I don't know how you would adjust your recipes. Some bread machines can bake cakes and make jam too!

    For me, I have a stand-alone mixer. I would LOVE to have a Kitchen-Aid, but the Kenwood is probably at least half the price.

  2. It might be a blessing in disguise, although I only had the handheld mixer for 2 years, so it seemed we are not fated for each other ;p
    I will look out for the Kenwood model u mentioned. As for bread machine, I am like a country bumpkin, I didn't know breadmachines can bake cakes and make jams. Interesting :)


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