Saturday, October 9, 2010

Pandan Yoghurt Muffins

I have been eyeing this recipe for a long time. I saw this at Jane's blog and also at LCOM's blog. The recipe seems to have been floating around the blogosphere for a long time and has been receiving raving reviews, so I tried it yesterday. It was really good. muffins didn't turn green. Well, I used pandan flavour essence instead of pandan paste, and it did not impart the greenish colour. Also the pandan flavour wasn't too strong either. I would say it was a blessing in disguise otherwise my hubby would refuse to chomp down anything that is greenish. I made 12 muffins with this recipe, it was officially my first time making muffins with my muffin pan and I was glad that it turned well for me. Hubby and BB helped finished all of them within an hour. :)

Original recipe adapted from Jane's Corner and Little Corner of Mine

Note: I used reduced amount of sugar (3/4 cup), and I only used a spatula to quickly mix the batter. General rule is to mix the batter within 12 strokes and do not mix the batter while filling up the muffin cups.


  1. They look delicious though!!! And you make them sound so good too! haha....12 muffins eaten within an hour!!

  2. Hi Von,
    Well, it was not really within an hour, we had to stop cos it was just before dinner. I had to pull my baby away cos he wouldn't stop at 3, and me too!


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