Monday, September 13, 2010

Pasta with Spinach and Oyster Mushrooms (Revisited)

Pictures sometimes don't do justice to how good the dish tastes, especially badly taken pictures. I was browsing through my food blog and I saw one picture which was so badly taken that I would be surprised if it would actually tempt any reader to attempt that recipe.

Yes, I am refering to the picture for this recipe. It didn't look appetizing, did it?

How about these 2 new pictures then?

I certainly hope the above new pictures will do justice to this otherwise simple but yet delicious pasta dish, which is a regular on our dining table. :)


  1. BK, it still looks a bit "snakey" :P I'm going thru the quick dishes.

  2. Dun be fooled by appearance, it certainly tasted better than it looked :)


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