Monday, September 6, 2010

Beer Spotting 3 - Rodenbach and Orval

My beer-spotting weekend post was put on a hiatus for the past few months, (after my first 2 posts on Postel and Westmalle Tripel),  largely due to plain laziness. In case anybody thinks my beer-spotting "adventures'' are just a flash in the pan, well here's some photos of what me and my hubby usually order in a cafe. 

I always invariably order a Rodenbach. Women are boring and they don't change their choices once they find a good one. That really describes me to a T. Rodenbach is my favourite belgian beer, and I have drank it countless times and used it also in one of my rabbit stews. Rodenbach has a fruity undertone, reminiscent of red wine, but not overpoweringly sweet like cherry beers such as kriek. In fact Rodenbach is not a fruity beer, I would classify the taste more towards that of red wine.

My hubby would, most often than not, stick to either a pintje or an Orval (Pintje is the term for a draft beer in Belgium, the -je suffix after the 'pint' is actually a diminutive which is often seen in the dutch language. The dutch people don't call it a pintje though, so this endearing term is really local to the belgian people)

The 3rd beer on the left was either a Leffe Blond or Leffe Brown. I remember clearly this was the time when we accompanied "ambitious cloud" (a friend who came to visit us from Singapore) to a cafe near our house and we ordered 3 beers. I recommended her a Rodenbach while I had a Leffe instead.

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