Tuesday, September 14, 2010

AB InBev in Trouble - Leffe Yeast Used For Stella Artois Beer

I didn't do my beer-spotting last weekend (as usual I was lazy) but I thought I would blog about a piece of interesting news which I heard over the belgian news about a famous belgian beer, Stella Artois.

Apparently this news dated 8 Sep 2010, managed to escape the headlines of the major newspapers around the world, but it's still of journalistic value, at least to the beer-drinkers. Wait til you hear it, it is quite ridiculous.....

AB InBev, one of the world's biggest breweries with 25% of the global market share, apparently mixed up the yeast of Stella Artois with that of Leffe (abbey beer) in its brewery based in Leuven, Belgium. As a result, thousands of liters of beer have to be destroyed. (Click here for the news in dutch)

According to the belgian newspaper Het Laatste Nieuws, the embarrassing gaffe only came to light when a number of customers complained that their Stella Artois beer had a very sour taste. The laboratory in Leuven where AB InBev is based, also noticed that there was something wrong about the taste of the Stella Artois beer. Results of an investigation showed that there were a few pipes (with remains of the Leffe yeast) which were not cleaned properly before they were used for the fermentation of the Stella Artois beer.

As a result of this serious production error, AB InBev had to call back 850,000 pints of Stella Artois beer now. In addition, 9800 hectorliter (1 hl = 100 liters) of Stella beer have already been shipped to North America before the recall could be made. 

Hmmn...this would cause AB InBev a hell lot of money. Talk about job cuts. They tried to cut costs a few months ago, and see what has happened to them. Now you know why I stopped my beer-spotting for a few weeks, I don't want to drink sour belgian beer, hahaha.

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