Sunday, July 4, 2010

My Little Vegetable Garden

When we arrived back from our holiday in Spain last week, we were pleasantly surprised at the the tremendous progress which our vegetables had made during our absence. We had entrusted an elderly neighbour to look after our vegetable garden, to water the plants indoors and outdoors and to feed the chickens, and obviously she had done a excellent job. Even my 2 orchid plants blossomed under her care. :)

Here is a picture of my little vegetable plot. We planted some carrots, celeries, leek, beans, savoy cabbage, parsley, bieslook (chives), rosemary, pumpkin and courgette.

In the above foto, starting from left to right, you will see a row of leek, celeries, and carrots. The orange flower belongs to a plant which keeps away undesirable insects.

These are beans. Can you see the white flowers and the baby beans hanging there?

This is bieslook, I think they are called chives in English. Surrounding are weeds which we really need to clear up.

I took some pictures of my pumpkin and courgette too, look at their leaves hanging limply under the sweltering summer heat, now you know how hot and dry it is for the past few days...This is my pumpkin, you don't see the pumpkin fruit yet, I will post a picture of the fruit when there is more progress...

This is my poor courgette...let's pray for rain ok :P


  1. love your cute and tidy garden! Mine has been neglected this year! My excuse is that my growing tum prevented me from bending down! ;0) Next years excuse will be that "Junior" needs my attention!
    How do you keep your chickens away from your veggies? Our 3 chickens eat EVERYTHING! Flowers included - alas, not weeds!

  2. oh, I was out of action for a year after my baby was born, and I only went back to baking recently, so i can imagine your situation now...

    My chickens are fenced up in a separate area, otherwise they will peck at virtually everything!


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