Thursday, July 1, 2010

It's finally summer and the sun is shining!!!

I am finally back in Belgium, after a super long and fantastic holiday in Spain. That explains why my blog has been quiet for so long. Actually I was back on 26th June (Sat) but after sitting for 14 hours in the car, as much as I missed my blog, email and FB, I was so tired I couldn't do anything else but head straight for the bed. And the next few days was spent unpacking and getting used to reality and wishing how I can spend the rest of my life idling on the beaches of Costa Brava...

Driving to Spain was fun, as long as I am not the driver ;p but I tell you it wasn't easy to sit at the back of the car and entertain a hyperactive 13-month old baby for 14 hours. I had done 13 hours in a plane with him, but that was when he was much younger and much easier to deal with. Nowadays, His Majesty is undergoing what I call the "baby puberty" phase. He knows what he wants and he will do whatever it takes to get the message across. He didn't like to be restricted to the baby seat throughout the trip, so once every 15 min, he would do a David Copperfield stunt and struggle out of the seatbelt and he would give me a victorious smile. He would crawl all over me, trying to reach for his dad in the front seat, or trying to open the door or window, or just standing in the back seat waving at the cars behind.

Well, it was after 14 hours of eat, drink, shit (for the baby) and very little sleep plus a few toilet breaks in between that we finally arrived back in Belgium. Our Spanish holiday was fantastic. The people were nice, the weather was nice (except for 2 days of extremely strong wind) and food was definitely cheaper than in Belgium. We stayed in Empuria Brava and made lots of excursions by car to surrounding villages such as Cadaqués, Roses, Figures, Girona, and we even drove all the way to Barcelona for a day-trip. Spain is amazing, there are so much to see and its tourism infrastructure is fantastic. I think Singapore and Belgium has a lot to learn from Spain in terms of improving its tourism infrastructure.

Anyway back to life in Belgium. This week is hot, really hot. We have been experiencing a "heat-wave". As long as there are 3 sunny days in a row above 30 degrees, they call it a "heat-wave". Coming from the equator, I find it really funny, but if you have been to Belgium, you will know that it's not funny at all. The weather here is always changing and unpredictable, or rather very predictable, since it is always wet and rainy like in the UK, not just in autumn and winter but in spring and summer too. So the Belgians would jump for joy when the temperature starts rising above 20 degrees.

Well, the summer temperature in Belgium is nothing if you compare to Singapore which is always hot and humid at 33 degrees. But then again, the sun over here in Europe is different. It lies very low and emits pretty sharp rays, you can feel the sun's rays literally tickling on your skin and your skin browns much easily. Plus the houses here are not equipped with air-con, and there are no big shopping malls with blasting air-cons to escape the summer heat, not like in Singapore. Anyway, today is 31 degrees and tomorrow (Friday) will be 35 degrees, oh my god, I am not going to bring His Majesty to play outside in the sun. Let's just all stay inside the house and enjoy a spanish siesta....

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