Thursday, May 6, 2010

Tom Yam Soup

I have always thought that tom yam soup is difficult to make, until I came across this recipe. Ironically this recipe is from a Dutch-language cookbook about oriental cuisine. It is really authentic and it tastes just like the tom yam soup I used to have in Thai Express back in Singapore. Your tongue will be thrilled by the spiciness of this soup and it is especially good on a cold rainy winter day in Belgium.

This is really quick and easy and doesn't take more than 15 min. I have since shared this recipe with my old friend SK who is always yearning for authentic asian food in the US. SK has since made this soup many times for her hubby and her 2 lovely girls. :)

(A recipe adapted from De Oosterse Keuken by Jody Vassallo)

Ingredients (for 3 persons)
8 - 10 big unpeeled prawns with shells intact
4 cloves garlic, flattened
3 stalks lemongrass (citroengras), cut in rings
2 ripe tomatoes, cut in quarters
200g fresh champignons or canned button mushrooms
3 red chillis (rode pepertjes), cut in small pieces
5 lemon leaves (limoenblaadjes) *
3 tbsp fish sauce (vissaus)
2 tbsp lemon juice (limoensap)

* I didn't have limon leaves so I left them out

1. Peel the prawns and set the shells aside for further use.
2. Put the prawn shells in a pot with 750ml water and bring to boil.
3. Sieve out the prawn shells as they turn pink in colour, and put the prawn bouillon (prawn soup from step 2) back into the pot.
4. Put all the other ingredients (except prawn meat) into the pot, let it boil and then lower the heat and simmer for 5 min.
5. Put the peeled prawns back and let it cook further for 3 min.
6. Finally, put in 2 tbsp lemon juice before serving. 

Best served piping hot with a plate of steamed white rice. 
Smakelijk eten !


  1. your dear friend SK is making this soup again tonight for her Malay neighbors!

    1. Haha, when I first saw your name, I was thinking to myself, hey I also have a friend with that name, so it's you :)
      Tell SK to enjoy her soup, and if she likes to eat Lao Po Bing, I will uploading the recipe soon, just made them on Thursday. :)


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