Saturday, May 1, 2010

Everybody Eats Well in Belgium, and rightfully so !

I finally got hold of this book in the openbare bibliotheek on Thursday. "In Belgie Eet Iedereen Lekker" ("Everybody Eats Well in Belgium") by Ruth Van Waerebeek. Ok, the name was a bit tricky, I didn't know how to pronounce it, so i just showed the librarian the name and the title. Voila, the book was available :) Ik was zo blij!!! I was so happy!!!

After relentless searching on Amazon for this much coveted book, and struggling in my mind whether to pay 30+ USD for a used torn copy, and whether to risk being fined 10 euro extra by De Post for buying books from Amazon (it was a long story but i was penalized heavily for that), I realise that it might be better to get a Dutch version instead of an English version. The original English version was already out of print and since I am living in Belgium, I might as well brush up my culinary skills and my Dutch at the same time. It is also more convenient to buy the ingredients from the supermart since they are all either in Dutch or French. (Just the day before, I asked my hubby to go to Colruyt to get me a can of condensed milk and he came back with something totally different. Apparently they don't have condensed milk or they don't know what it is called in Dutch. That is why it is important to get a cookbook in its own native language.)

Ok, cut it short. I am very happy with this book. It is a borrowed copy but I am going to "digest" every single recipe before I return it. I even named my blog after it, if you notice, hehehe. So let's see what is interesting inside...

1) Hapjes vooraf, salades en kleine gerechten (Snacks, salads and appetizers)

2) Soepen (Soups)

3) Vis and schaaldieren (Fish, seafood/shellfish)

4) Wild en gevogelte (Wild games and birds)

5) Vlees (Meat)

6) Koken met bier (Cooking with Beer, this is what I am interested in)

7) Groenten en fruit als bijgerecht (Vegetables and fruits as side dishes)

8) Aardappelen (Potatoes)

9) Wafels, pannenkoeken en brood (Waffles, pancakes and bread)

10) Desserts

11) Basis recepten (Fundamental recipes)

Eleven chapters and 326 pages in all, that is a lot to digest...

I have already set my eyes on trying out the recipes under the chapters "Cooking with Beer" and "Desserts". Just the titles of some of the dishes are already making me drool...Rabbits in Trappist Beer and Wild Mushrooms, Rabbits with Plums and Beer, Meatballs with Witloof and Beer...

Not to sound like a rabbit-eater (I have only eaten rabbit meat once), but I think it is worthwhile to make a trip down to the supermarket and stock up some konijntjes to make a rabbit meal with beer :)

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