Monday, May 31, 2010

Eurovision and Ice without Cream

Last Saturday was the finals of the Eurovision Song Contest 2010. This was my first time watching it live in Belgium, and just before the program started, I was busy making strawberry ice-cream. I found a recipe on somebody else's blog and I followed it without first understanding the science of making ice-cream. Yah, ice-cream making is not rocket science but you do need to understand how it works. Otherwise you pay through your pocket for some fresh strawberries from Hoogstraten and they went down the drain to become ICE without CREAM.

This Eurovision Song Contest thingy is a scandal. The only thing it taught me was the geography of Europe. But not all countries which participated are European countries. You don't have to be a geography expert to know that Israel is not part of Europe but it is in the Eurovision Song Contest anyway. So are countries like Azerbaijian and Russia. This is because the eligibility to participate is not determined by geographic inclusion within the continent of Europe or the European Union. A country is eligible to participate as long as it falls within the boundaries of the European Broadcasting Area (EBC), or if it is a member of the Council of Europe. And the definition of the EBC is pretty broad, so broad that even Iraq can participate if it wants to. Really I am not kidding, go check out wikipedia.   

Anyway, back to why I said that Eurovision is scandalous. Neighbouring countries would vote for each other, this is especially the case in those ex-communist eastern-bloc countries. It is almost like a kid's game, I vote for you and you vote for me. Bosnia would vote for Serbia, and Serbia would vote for Bosnia. Almost all the ex-USSR countries would vote for their ex-fatherland, Russia. And countries with a huge turkish immigrant population such as Germany would always root for Turkey. Maybe that was why they landed the 2nd position, even though I couldn't even decipher what they were singing. Nevermind their manga-wannabe costumes, their group nick is "Manga" by the way. Ok, they weren't that bad but I am not a fan of Linkin Park. But I was most entertained by this ethnic song from Serbia, the haircut of the singer and the way he danced was so hilarious, and the song sounded like a bollywood song (no offence ;p) !  You should take a look at the serbian entry on youtube, it is really entertaining !

I was pretty impressed by the contestants from Moldova and Romania, but they didn't win. Instead Lena Meyer from Germany won, I am sorry but her nasal voice is not for me and I couldn't even decipher what she was singing in English. I was really surprised that she won. Maybe she looked cute. Tom Dice from Belgium put in good effort with "Me and my guitar". It was a good try really, albeit a bit boring but at least there were no tackish dancers dancing in the background, no spewing of fireworks and no gigantic butterfly wings flapping...

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