Sunday, May 2, 2010

Cooking for 20 people - I made it !!!

Just a few weeks ago, we organized a party to celebrate the birthday of my hubby. On our guest list were 20 over adults and a few children. We decided to make it "simple" by not ordering catered food (it was simple to my hubby but actually not that simple to me).

Cooking for over 20 people was a logistic nightmare and a tall challenge to a lady who has never cooked in her life until 2 years ago. Yes, I have never cooked in my life as food is abundant and incredibly cheap in Singapore. If you ask around in Singapore, most girls in their 20s or 30s are busy career women who have to work late to meet tight deadlines. Learning how to cook is not on their radar, you won't die if you dunno how to cook in Singapore. But in Belgium it is a different story. I am not saying that, husbands are more demanding over here, but obviously restaurants are much more expensive, and eating out cannot be a daily affair. So I was forced by circumstances to take the "plunge" literally, into cooking and baking.

So for my hubby's birthday party, I decided to bake a butter cake, a chocolate cake, a rice tart and a tiramisu and some almond cookies. These were all baked a day before the party, and for the tiramisu, it was made and chilled in the fridge overnight. As for the main course, I opted for lasagne, mayo pasta, and claypot chicken rice. These are dishes which are easy to prepare before-hand and can be warmed up in the oven when the guests arrive.

It took a lot of planning and a lot of courage for me to cook for a big group of people. But I am glad I made it, nothing gave me more pleasure than to see the happiness on the face of my guests after eating the food that I made. I was happy that the party was a great success and I was even happier when many of my guests came up to me to say that they enjoyed my home-made food. :)

For Lieve, who said my gebak is delicious, here are the sources of my recipes. These recipes are the culmination of years of experience from the fellow bloggers who have shared their wonderful recipes on their blogs.

1) Butter Cake (Baking Mum's recipe)
Latest Update (Aug 10): I just posted my almond cookies, lasagne and pasta recipes here:  
5) Almond Cookies 
6) Lasagne
7) Mayo Pasta
8) Claypot Chicken Rice (Just posted the recipe on 27 Aug 10)


  1. Hi Miss B
    I saw your comment in Seadragon blog about retrieving the recipes in Fenying's blog. I am sorry that I could not understand what you mean as it sounds very technical to me. Can you elaborate further.


  2. Hi Shirley,

    Pls refer to

  3. Hi Miss B

    Many many thanks for taking the trouble to write up on how to retrieve the recipes. I managed to do so in Internet Wayback Archive Machine. This is without the food pictures.

    However, how do you retreive in Google. I just opened an account with Google Reader. However when i type "fenying recipes blogspot" I still can't find the recipes.

    Can you teach me step by step.

    So sorry for being so stupid.


  4. Hi Shirley

    In Google Reader, click on the "Add Subscription" button, and enter the address

    This will subscribe u to fenying's blog. Thereafter, u should be able to receive the old blog via RSS feed in google reader.


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