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Belgian Rice Tart (Rijsttaart)

After my previous post on belgian rice pudding (rijstpap), I thought I should introduce its sibling....the belgian rice tart (or rijsttaart in dutch). I first came across the rice tart when we went to the bakery one morning and out of the many koffiekoeken on display, my eyes rested upon this yellowish little tart. I asked my hubby what that was, and he said matter-of-factly "haven't you eaten this before, it is made of rice".  I took a piece of it, it did taste of rice and milk, the little rice grains were in fact covered in a custard like pudding and the piece I had from the bakery tasted really heavenly. I liked it so much that I was determined to find out the recipe and make it myself. 

I thought to myself...hmmn it shouldn't be too difficult to make this since we always have rice at home. So I searched on the internet and came across this blog by Little Glutton. I was lazy and bought ready made pastry dough for the pie shell. Nevertheless it turned out to be a success. I got my hubby to verify the taste and he gave a nod of approval ! That was many months ago when I baked my very first belgian rice tart. Since then I had baked it many times and I also baked it for my hubby's birthday party. Since it was finished off by the guests, so I reckoned that it must have tasted good and authentic. :)

So here is the recipe adapted from Little Glutton

Belgian Rice Tart (Belgische Rijsttaart)

Ingredients (for making 1 rice tart)
750 ml milk
75g sugar
1 tsp vanilla essence
135g rice, rinsed and drained
2 eggs
1 ready-made pastry dough

1. Mix the milk, sugar, vanilla essence, and rice in a non-stick pot and bring to a simmer over medium heat,  stirring occasionally to separate the rice grains. Make sure the milk doesn't boil over. Then lower the heat, cover with a lid and let it simmer gently until the rice is tender and has absorbed most of the milk. (I used stove fire no. 4 for 10 min and I lowered it to no. 3 for about 30 min,  40 min in total) 

2. Remove from heat and leave to cool for a while, before mixing in the eggs, using an electric whisk for 1 min.

3. Roll out the dough with a rolling pin. It should fit a cake pan or pie pan (lined with baking paper) of about 9.5 inches. Put in the dough and using a fork, prick a few times in the dough, before dividing the rice pudding evenly over it.

4. Place it in a preheated oven (180C) for about 25-35 min until the rice tart turns golden brown. Let the rice tart cool before serving.

The last time I baked the rice tart, it was finished so quickly that I hardly had the time to snap a nice picture. But here is a photo which was hastily taken before the last slice was finished off...

Updated on 20 July 2012: for more pictures of the rice tart, refer to


  1. tried this recipe with a group of friends n it is yumylicious.
    My photos:

  2. Hi, we have one thing in common! We grew up in SEA and now residing in Belgium (Flanders)! Where in Flanders, may I ask? I got to your blog via Lily Wai Sek Hong's blog. I'm a fan of Lily, and I'm sure you are, too! Congrats for this starting up this blog. I will definitely drop by your blog now and then and try out some of your recipes when I have more time :-D Cheers !

  3. Hi Jo,
    Glad that u and ur friends liked it, u should try the rice pudding too !

  4. Hi Si\'et (Nasifriet),

    Thanks for dropping by, I am glad to know u live in flanders too and we have something in common. :P Not many people know of flanders, most have only heard of brussels. Let's take this offline and talk privately. U can drop me an email, my email addr is everybodyeatswell[at]google[dot]com.

  5. Hi, I sent and re-sent you a msg with the email add you provided, but each time the msg rebound? Could you perhaps drop me a comment on my blog? I'll take it from there.. cheers!

  6. Oh so sorry, its a typo. It should be everybodyeatswell[at]gmail[dot]com

  7. I'm a Flemish woman and I came across your blog by chance. I never made a rice tart before but I must say that it's delicious! My husband says it's even better than the ones we usually buy in the bakery.
    You do have a nice selection of Belgian/Flemish dishes. Anyway, I'm also going to try one of your Singapore dishes anytime soon.
    Thanks for sharing those recipes!

  8. Hi Myriam

    Thank you for dropping by my blog and I am very glad that you and your husband like the rice tart recipe. This must be the best compliment I have ever received from someone living in Belgium! Hope you enjoy my other recipes. :)


  9. Hello I was online looking for a recipe for a Flemish Rice tart. I saw a glimpse of it in an episode of the French detective show,"Maigret". Looks delicious and I can't wait to try it.

  10. Hi, I am Ebru from İstanbul. Iam making a cafe menu with BELGİAN DESSERTS. ı ordered the book Everybody eats well in Belgium but it hasnt come yet.
    I want to know the most known and famous belgian desserts.

  11. Hi Ebru

    Well known belgian desserts include not only rice tart, rice pudding, but also belgian chocolate mousse, belgian waffles, belgian pancakes etc.

  12. I had a problem with this recipe. First, it took closer to 50 minutes to achieve a golden top, however, the pastry crust was soggy. So I would suggest blind-baking the crust first, because I had a great rice custard filling but an uncooked crust.

    1. Hi,
      I am not sure what recipe you used for the crust, but I used a ready-made pastry crust and I never had to blind-bake it. And I never had problems in achieving a golden-brown top, in fact 35 min was the maximum time it took for me.

    2. hi, im in Australia, born in liege. I have been looking for this recipe. my mother use to make it.

  13. I made this recipe and liked the filling but not the pastry. I made my own pastry next time and blind baked it. I then added a thick swathe of raspberry jam followed by the rice mix. The girls at work liked it so much they named it orgasm tart!

    1. Hi Seamus,
      I did not provide the recipe for the pie pastry, I have always used a ready-made pie pastry (Marc Payot brand) which does not require blind-baking, it works for me every time.

      I have a pie pastry recipe for apple crumble pie which also doesn't require blind baking. I would try to test it out with rice filling and post it up when I have the time.

  14. You are my savior! Recently returned from a week in Belgium and this rice tart is still on my mind. Will make this as soon as I pick up some pie dough from the market!


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